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Many consumers are now choosing to shop for their medicine online due to price increases. However, there is some concern as to the safety and integrity of some online medicine shopping retailers. Cary Byrd, the owner of DrugPricer.com, is passionate about helping people gain increased and adequate access to the medicines they need to live a safe and happy life.

Making Online Medicine Shopping Safer

Cary Byrd realized early on in his career that there were many unlicensed pharmacies that were misleading consumers who were now buying medicine online. Thus, DrugPricer.com was born out of the need for an authoritative source to list online medical pharmacies that operated with a sense of integrity and concern for consumer safety. Byrd is proud to have developed an online medicine source that provides:

  • An easy to use search engine that provides listings for thousands of reputable prescription pharmacy vendors
  • A drug guide with over 100,000 informational medication listings
  • A real-time drug price comparison tool
  • Listings for specially licensed pharmacies
  • Access to pharmacy accreditation info, Better Business Bureau ratings and more

Online Medicine Community for Added Support

DrugPricer.com believes that all consumers of online medicine should have equal access to information, high-quality pharmacy services and affordable prices. DrugPricer.com offers all of these services to anybody who is looking for medicine online, but members of the DrugPricer.com community get access to even more perks and benefits such as:

  • The privilege to review and read peer evaluations of pharmacies
  • Receive up-to-date news and data from the FDA
  • Utilize an online pharmacy dictionary
  • Receive pricing alerts
  • Access an online community of people with similar health concerns and medication regimens
  • Earn rewards for participation that are redeemable for prescription discounts

An Advocate for Every Prescription Drug Consumer

DrugPricer.com makes online medicine shopping safe, easy and budget friendly. Byrd continues to advocate for the rights of patients and for safe alternative shopping choices online. DrugPricer.com provides:

  • 100% free to use
  • Total privacy
  • Convenience
  • Safe access

Please note that Cary Byrd, his affiliates, companies and subsidiaries are not medical professionals. Please consult with a doctor before starting or stopping any medication. You must possess a valid prescription for all medicines purchased online. DrugPricer.com contains no advertising and receives no commercially-based profits.

Who Is DrugPricer.com?

At DrugPricer.com, we’re here to help consumers find the medications they need safely through licensed online pharmacies. We’re aware that medication prices are rising and want to give consumers the chance to stay healthy at an affordable cost.
We have experts who work every day to ensure that you will have access to the medications you need at the lowest possible prices. At DrugPricer.com, our online pharmacy experts stay on top of the latest drug safety news, regulations on drug importation and the prices of various medicines.
Before you make any medication purchase, be sure to use DrugPricer.com to ensure you stay safe and find the lowest prices on all your medications.

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