Every time you head into your neighborhood pharmacy, your heart begins to race. Why? You’re likely nervous about how much the trip will cost you.

But wait a minute – isn’t the pharmacy supposed to be helping to preserve your wellbeing, not chipping away at it?

That’s when you realize you can’t afford to not go with a discount pharmacy.

Research shows that 8% of Americans don’t take their prescription medications as instructed by a doctor simply because financially affording them is difficult.

Unfortunately, not taking your medications appropriately may lead to more health problems requiring more money to address. And the negative cycle continues.

Here’s a rundown on why you should use a discount pharmacy to combat today’s far-from-affordable prescription drug prices.

Let’s get started!

Price Setting Sparks the Need for Discount Pharmacy

Before we dive into the benefits of a discount pharmacy, let’s first talk about why prescription drugs are so expensive. The reasons may surprise you – or even anger you.

One of the main reasons involves price setting.

In the United States, drug manufacturers establish their own drug prices. This doesn’t normally happen in other parts of the world.

Instead, overseas countries that have federal health programs allow their governments to negotiate prices for drugs or even choose not to pay for drugs with excessive price tags.

This type of negotiating doesn’t happen in the United States. The result? You pay more.

Why Else Are Drug Prices so High?

Another reason you are paying too much for current prescription drugs is because there simply isn’t enough competition to drive down prices.

The U.S. government protects monopolies for particular drugs. As a result, generic drugs are prevented from entering the market to decrease prices.

This is a major problem, as drug prices drop to a little more than half of the original brand-name prices when two generic drugs enter the market. Meanwhile, the prices drop to a little more than 30% of the original prices when five generics enter the market.

Clearly, generics are your best friends, but the government won’t let them come out to play. You’re stuck with second best.

And that’s no fun.


You may also be paying too much for drugs because although the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, can be your best friend, it can also be your worst enemy when it comes to getting generic drugs approved.

At the administration, application backlogs have caused delays of a whopping three to four years before the manufacturers of generic drugs can receive approval to produce drugs not covered by patents.

That’s several years of paying higher prices that could’ve been prevented had someone come up with a solution for this backlog – a laxative for this FDA application constipation, if you will.

Duty calls.


The manufacturers of drugs often say that costs associated with research and development, or R&D, are the reason for their high drug prices.

In reality, a small portion of a company’s revenue may go to R&D costs. That’s because the remainder of R&D costs are covered by venture capital or federal grants.

Translation: Drug companies are charging as much as they can get away with charging.

It makes sense that you try to pay as little as you can get away with paying in the end. And that’s why you need a discount pharmacy.

A Discount Pharmacy Protects Your Wallet

The biggest reason to use a discount pharmacy is that you save money. After all, many online pharmacies offer medication deals that trim your costs.

Many online companies also offer free shipping – a major perk when every cent counts in your budget.

One of the reasons you pay less with discount pharmacies is that the generic drug costs are lower, and you’ll also run into lower markups of prices. There’s also less overhead compared with your traditional neighborhood pharmacy.


Another reason you can’t afford not to use a discount pharmacy? The process of getting your medications when you need them is easier than ever before.

Ordering your meds 24-7 is easy, the delivery is quick and your drugs show up right on your doorstep.

That means no more waiting in a long line to pay for overpriced medications during a pharmacy’s limited hours of operation.

And it also means no more lengthy trips to the pharmacy if you live in a rural area. You can’t beat that.


If you have a medical problem you don’t exactly want local people to know about, guess what – they don’t have to know, thanks to an online discount pharmacy.

With an online pharmacy, you can buy possibly embarrassing products in a manner that is discreet. These products may include treatments for erectile dysfunction, STDs, hair loss or weight loss, for example.

The billing and packaging can also be discreet as well, further solidifying your peace of mind.


Online, you can also more easily access information about the drugs you are buying than you can in the store.

And this is invaluable considering that the medical world features continual developments. The more information you read about various medications and diseases, the more you can effectively make informed decisions regarding your health.

What to Watch out For

Not all discount pharmacies are created equal.

For this reason, it is critical that you choose a pharmacy that is based and licensed in the United States and has good ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

In addition, be leery of extreme bargains. This may be a sign that the drug you’re buying is being sold overseas, meaning it has not received FDA approval.

How We Can Help

We realize that not all online pharmacies are legitimate or safe. That’s why we offer a solid list of online pharmacies that operate with consumer safety and integrity in mind.

We offer a user-friendly search engine featuring thousands of pharmacy vendors. We also provide a guide with more than 100,000 informational listings of drugs and even a handy tool for comparing drug prices in real time.

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