It is perfectly safe to buy prescription drugs online if you know how to find licensed pharmacies. The safest option is to search the directory at DrugPricer.com. On this site, you can find the lowest prices for all of your prescription drugs. We thoroughly vet all of our online pharmacies, and do extensive background checks to ensure your safety when buying online.

We know how important it is for you to have peace of mind when buying online, so we make sure that we only list reputable online pharmacies to supply all of your drug needs.

Safety is a top priority when buying online. Here are a few guidelines that will ensure your safety when selecting prescription drugs from an online pharmacy:

  • Only buy from licensed pharmacies. Check that they have a listed license number displayed on their website.
  • Verify that they have a physical “brick and mortar” address.
  • Make sure that your prescription is filled by employees who are certified to handle prescription. A licensed pharmacist should oversee all of their work and verify each order.
  • Only buy from pharmacies that ask for your doctor’s prescription before dispensing medication. They should ask for the original signed copy of your doctor’s prescription.
  • Verify that the pharmacy’s drugs only come from well-known and reputable drug manufacturers. Beware pharmacies that will not disclose this information.

Finding a pharmacy that is reputable and legitimate is always a valid concern. The key is that you have to know what to look for and what to avoid. Here are a few tips:

On Drugpricer.com, we do all of the work in scouting out only legitimate pharmacies. We thouroughly screen each pharmacy before we include it in our site, making sure that no counterfeit pharmacies slip through. You can be assured that all of the pharmacies listed on Drugpricer.com are legitimate, licensed pharmacies that employ certified pharmacists in an offline, brick and mortar location.

If you still want to find your own pharmacy outside of our directory, here are some tips that may help:

  • The pharmacy you choose should list their state license number, certifications and physical address. Beware of sites that don’t list a physical mailing address and phone number.
  • The pharmacy should have a licensed pharmacist working in their physical location. This person will be on hand to ensure you are getting the right medications.
  • Verify that the pharmacy you choose does not carry or sell controlled substances.
  • Stay away from pharmacies that agree to sell medications without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Review the pharmacy’s privacy policy to ensure that all of your personal information and data stays secure. There are some rogue pharmacies that exist only to steal and sell your valuable personal data. Your payment and personal information should be encrypted and the site should promise not to share or sell your information with third parties.

Drug prices are set by manufacturers and are subject to government regulations and fees. Online pharmacies can offer prescription drugs at 50-90 percent less online because these pharmacies allow customers to acquire drugs from outside of the United States.

In countries like Canada, pharmacies are allowed to offer prescriptions at wholesale pricing. In the U.S., however, the government has no leeway in negotiating for lower prices when providing drugs for Medicare and Medicaid. This business model is great for Big Pharma, not so great for consumers. Buying online means that you can bypass this red tape and get the medication you need at the right price.

Unfortunately this will not lower the cost of your prescription drugs. While there is legislation in the works to deal with this issue, we have not reached a resolution on lowering drug prices yet.

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Yes. We only deal with reputable pharmacies that require prescriptions to dispense medication. Use caution when dealing with pharmacies that promise medication without a prescription. They may take your money and not send anything, or worse, send you contaminated or counterfeit drugs.

There are several ways that you can send your prescription to the online pharmacy to be filled. First, you can scan your prescription and attach it to your order. This is the quickest way to get your prescription and the way most people have theirs filled.

If you do not have access to a scanner, you can mail or fax in your prescription after your order has been placed and the pharmacy requests it from you.

Absolutely. No reputable online pharmacy will fill your order without a prescription signed by your doctor.

It is important to keep your doctor abreast of any health decisions you are making. Let him know your plans and explain that you have found a reputable online pharmacy that will provide your medications.

We understand your concern when it comes to avoiding fake medications and fake rogue online pharmacies. Here are some ways that you can protect yourself.

  • Make sure that your pharmacy is accredited and licensed.
  • Make sure the pharmacy has a licensed pharmacist on staff.
  • Make sure the pharmacy does not sell any controlled substances.
  • Make sure the pharmacy requires a copy of your original prescription.

If you haven’t already, be sure to review our “Definitive Guide Guide to Online Pharmacies”.

The easiest way to stay safe would to simply use DrugPricer.com’s “Tried & True” online pharmacy directory for safe and licensed online pharmacies. We cultivate relationships with our pharmacy partners, and we have worked with online pharmacies for nearly a decade.

When you are ready for a refill, simply visit your online pharmacy and log in, if applicable. The pharmacy will usually have a record of your last prescription and how many refills are left.

You can then re-order using your original prescription. You may be required to get an additional prescription for some re-orders, but your doctor can often do this for you.

Our member pharmacies offer deeply discounted pricing which is an amazing cost savings for people who are uninsured or under-insured.

Our pharmacies dispense imported drugs, so they do not work with insurance companies to provide the medication. If you need to request a reimbursement from your insurance company, they can provide you with a receipt.

The United States government allows citizens to purchase drugs online for personal use as long as they are not controlled substances and they are limited to a 90-day supply if you provide an original prescription. We are not aware of any reports of people being prosecuted for importing their personal medications from online pharmacies.

Wisconsin and Illinos have actually set up programs to assist their residents with buying drugs from online pharmacies located in Canada and other contries abroad. As of 2006, United States Customs no longer seizes medications purchased in Canada.

Lowering drug prices is a hot topic in Washington right now, and several politicians are lobbying in the fight to lower drug prices. These politicians include:

  • Sen. Al Franken (D-MI)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
  • Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.)
  • Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD)
  • Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI)
  • Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

In most recent news, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings have released the “Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2015.” This bill would do the following:

  • Require pharmaceutical companies to be more release their data on drug pricing; they will be required to report actions like Research and Development (R&D) fees and costs.
  • Allow Medicare the option to negotiate on drug pricing with the manufacturers and pharmacies.
  • Make it legal for people to buy from online Canadian pharmacies
  • Stop Big Pharma from being able to pay to keep generics off the market indefinitely (known as “Pay for Delay”)
  • Levy higher penalties for fraud in the pharmaceutical industry

You too can support this cause by contacting your state and federal politicians and adding your voice to the conversation

You can join the fight to eliminate high drug prices by signing Senator Bernie Sanders’ petition. “Stand With Bernie to Stop Skyrocketing Drug Prices.”