Are you paying too much for your eliquis?

Sadly, the average eliquis cost today is over four hundred dollars in the United States. While some people can foot that bill, it’s not so simple for many others. Many people end up stressing over costs when they’re trying to remedy their heart issues.

It would make life a lot easier for them to spend less on the drug. And, luckily, that’s very possible. If you’ve been trapped in a cycle of paying too much for eliquis, there are steps you can take to ease the burden.

With the right guidance, you’ll be able to spend less on your eliquis and focus on your health. Here’s how.

Compare Eliquis Cost Wisely

Finding a way to lower your eliquis cost often comes from switching the source of your prescriptions.

Prescription drug pricing works a bit differently from how other items are priced. Normally, for example, different grocery store chains in the same region will have comparable prices on most products. You’re not going to pay three dollars for cereal in one place and six in another–the competition levels them both out.

Prescription drugs, on the other hand, are priced a bit more freely. You might have assumed that the pharmacy where you fill your prescription has nothing to do with the cost. That’s not quite right.

Your eliquis cost can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. At CVS you’ll probably pay $420 (including copay) for 60 pills, while Target sells it slightly cheaper at $404 for 60 pills.

That’s why you need to do some outreach on your own to find out who has the cheapest eliquis. If you give a pharmacy fills your prescription and you don’t want to pay their price, simply ask for the prescription back and find somewhere else.

Or, you can use the many online resources that exist now to compare drug prescription prices. Check out our pharmacy guide to outsource your medication from a Canadian pharmacy online. On that same page, you can do a search for the Rx you’re filling to compare the costs offered by various pharmacies that are properly licensed.

So instead of paying around $400 for 60 pills you can get the same medication, Eliquis at $125 for 60 pills! You get a 68.75% savings reward when you use!

That’s one great way to fill yourself in on the inside scoop of eliquis cost. But you can also look for information directly from the source.

Start a Conversation with Your Doctor

Despite the trust mandated by doctor patient confidentiality, many patients aren’t always open with their doctors. Your doctor might literally know the beating of your heart–but he or she might not know anything else.

Economic standing, for example, can often go by the way side. Sometimes, the only information about your wallet that your doctor’s office has to go off of is your medical insurance. That doesn’t always tell the whole story.

It’s important you explain to your doctor that you’re feeling squeezed by your eliquis cost. They could tell you of strategies that can lower your costs. If they can’t tell you about any discounts, they’ll refer you to somebody in your office who can.

The goal in bringing up this information to your doctor is to hear the perspective of somebody who knows the insurance industry well. That’s where you’ll save the most.

Get in Touch with Your Insurance

Every insurance company works differently. If you feel like you’re missing a full explanation of exactly how yours works, you should find out more information.

It’s possible that your prescription price is higher than it should be. Reach out to customer support to make sure everything is in order. If it is, you still have options.

You might be able to work out a new coverage plan that changes around the emphasis of your insurance company’s copays. That new plan would absorb more of the cost of eliquis.

Do your own research, too. Through Medicare, for example, there are coupons for eliquis that are offered to certain patients. If you rely on Medicare, do you qualify?

Depending on your insurance, you might be eligible for a reduced rate for the prescription. And if not, there are still other ways to reduce your costs.

Double Up (with Guidance)

If all these other methods fail, talk to your doctor about methods of minimizing cost that aren’t necessarily medically-endorsed. It’s not that they’re unsafe, but that they’re a bit unorthodox.

You should propose doubling up on the strength of your eliquis, and then taking half a dose at a time. Doubling the strength will be cheaper than buying two orders of normal strength.

If your doctor is on board, give it a shot. And if they’re not, stick to the basics.

Reduce Need for Eliquis

Your doctor has said it what seems likely a million times: it’s better to be healthier. For some people, that’s not possible. Certain medical conditions, particularly heart issues, arise without regard to the health of the patient.

But, for others, it really is true: healthier is better. Thinking about health from a cost perspective can help bring the issue into focus.

The logic is simple: if you get healthy enough to not need eliquis, you won’t have to pay for it. In the real world, you can’t simply jog off your heart issue. But, there are steps you can take to reduce costs.

Eliquis is just one avenue toward returning your heart to normal health. You have some additional routes located right inside your body, no pills needed.

Check out the Mayo Clinic’s guidelines to non-medical remedies to your heart issues. From food choices to exercise, there are many steps you can take.

If you can stick to those guidelines, you’ll set yourself up for better heart health. And that will lower your costs.

It’s Time to Save

With these guidelines, you have several strategies for bringing down your eliquis cost.

Heart issues already cause a world of inconvenience, from finding the right doctor to simply living with a serious medical problem. In a fair world, price shouldn’t add to the pot of worries. You’re now ready to step closer to that idea reality.

Looking to learn more about how to navigate your eliquis cost? Feel free to reach out to continue learning more about what we do.

Get saving!