DrugPricer.com is committed to the delivery of safe, affordable distance-based pharmacy care. By becoming an DrugPricer.com member, you can be assured that you are ordering from international pharmacies that meet the highest online pharmacy standards.

If you are looking to safely buy meds online, we encourage you to take the following precautions so that you will reduce your chances of being scammed — or worse.

  • Check for a pharmacy license number on the pharmacy’s Web site.
  • Write down the license number, then contact the pharmacy’s licensing authority to ensure the license is valid. In Canada, pharmacies are licensed by their provincial government.
  • Make sure a physical address is listed on the Web site and verify that it exists.
  • Make sure a phone number is listed on the Web site and verify that it’s a working number.
  • Call the number and ask to speak to a pharmacist. If there is no pharmacist on hand to answer your questions, the pharmacy is not legitimate.
  • Never purchase from a business that sells drugs without a prescription, or based only on a questionnaire.
  • Never choose a pharmacy based on an e-mail solicitation.

No American has ever been injured by medications ordered from a licensed online pharmacy. But Americans have been harmed as a result of ordering from rogue pharmacies that operate in the shadows. These organizations claim to be licensed pharmacies, but they are actually criminal organizations — operating out of Third World slums and shipping counterfeit drugs to U.S. residents.

So, please, choose your online pharmacy carefully, for the sake of your health and others. If you have any doubts about how to safely buy meds online please use our free online pharmacy directory in order to stay safe and have peace of mind. All of our online partner pharmacies are prescreen and verified so that you don’t have too.