For many patients who are suffering from a chronic condition, opioid medications may be the only way to ease the suffering and control the pain. But beyond the addictive issues with opioids, constipation can be an unfortunate and painful side effect.

What could be worse than finding an effective pain treatment only to add constipation to your list of woes? Luckily Movantik is a great answer for opioid-induced constipation.

The only trouble is the price. If you are among the millions of Americans who are struggling with your prescription drug costs, you may need to understand the costs of Movantik to get the full benefit of the drug.

Here is what you need to know about the cost of Movantik:

You Aren’t Alone

Patients are often embarrassed at their difficulties in affording Movantik and other prescription drugs. But you aren’t alone.

Not only are prescription drugs too expensive for many patients, the problem seems to be getting worse.

A recent study showed that drug prices for the top selling brands have gone up at a record pace. Over 70 of the leading brands recorded a price increase of over 75% for a single dose.

And 81% of Americans agree that drug prices are too high. If you are among the growing number of people struggling to afford the drugs they need, you aren’t alone.

The Variety of Prices Available

As the American health care debate wages on one of the more confusing aspects of all aspects of medical treatment is the wide range of costs. Costs are different between stores and insurance coverages, as well as for cash customers and those who are members of prescription drug assistance plans.

With Movantik, in particular, there are a number of options. These include:

  • Manufacturer’s Coupons from Astra-
  • Prescription Savings Program from Uninsured
  • Prescription Savings Program for Insured
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Cash Purchase

It pays for patients to do the research and find pricing alternatives to this drug. You may be surprised to find that with coupon offers you are paying nearly half of what you’re are used to for this opioid-induced constipation treatment.

The High Cost of Movantik

As many patients know who have grown to appreciate the effectiveness of this drug, there are currently no generic forms available for consumers. That means that you will be trying to find the best deal possible.

The problem is so severe that in recent years 50 million Americans have reported skipping a prescription refill due to the high cost of medications.

Recent reports have the average cash price for 30 tablets of 25mg doses of the drug to be over $430. Online retailers can be found with prices nearly $100 lower.

The price has been steadily increasing throughout 2017 with a few variations. Many pharmacies also offer pricing alternatives to the drug that equals approximately $330 per prescription as well.

But as Movantik users know, it is one of the most expensive treatments for opioid-induced constipation on the market for a reason. The drug is often considered more effective than competitor medications.

While the price of this drug is high, patients who use the best tools and devote themselves to research often find great alternatives.

The Best Pricing

Even after you understand the high cost of Movantik and the options available some patients are still overwhelmed with which direction to take. Experts suggest asking patients with trouble affording drugs to stop taking any that don’t cause a direct risk to their health.

In the case of Movantik that is like asking sufferers to choose between levels of pain. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain or a debilitating illness opioid pain relief is often the only relief.

You can’t go without the pain relief and you can’t risk the pain and agony of constipation. But there is a way to get out from between a rock and a hard place.

You can combine the best pricing with the best strategy to get your medication.

Online Alternatives for Movantik

We hear all over the news that there are cheaper medications in other countries.

For Americans who are having trouble affording their medication or who are looking for a better price on the medications, they need DrugPricer can help.

It’s not enough to use the internet to find a cheaper price. You want to make sure that you won’t be cheated — or receive a drug that is not safe.

DrugPricer is committed to providing safe and affordable distance-based pharmacy care. We provide a list of guidelines for patients who want help in keeping their prescription drug costs affordable.

There are many online alternatives for all of your prescription drug needs. Make sure you find a provider with a great price that also delivers quality products.

We Can Help

For patients looking for the best way to make their prescription drugs affordable and sage DrugPricer can help. Our company realized early on that there were online companies misleading consumers about buying prescription drugs online.

We offer an online tool that is free to use and offers safe access, convenience, and total privacy. Plus, our online community and drug database offer both the information and support patients need to find the best overall value for their prescription drugs needs.

Free and Nearly Free Programs

With all the misleading online companies who try and take advantage of sufferers there is a lot of misinformation on the internet. Unfortunately, many patients aren’t aware of the free or nearly free programs available for medications and prescription drugs.

Not only does DrugPricer help patients find the best deals we also help patients afford their medication. If you are wondering which payment options for your medications are right for you, we can help.

Not only does DrugPricer help patients find the best deals we also help patients afford their medication. If you are wondering which payment options for your medications are right for you, we can help.

We offer a variety of payment strategies to help patients afford the medications they need. Click here now and learn more about free or nearly free prescription assistance programs.