A common thought among many people when they have a medical issue is, “well, I hope I don’t die because I can’t afford my medication.”

This is a very dangerous mindset, especially when it’s a medical issue that concerns something as important as your vision.

There is a cheaper way out, however. Online drugstores will give your wallet a sigh of relief.

What Is An Online Drugstore?

There are many reasons why medication is more expensive in the US than other places.

For one, Drug companies set the prices instead of the Government. In other countries where the government negotiates prices, they tend to talk the big drug companies down.

Drug companies have been the only manufacturer of their goods for over 20 years. The cost of research and development continues to skyrocket.

Big corporations know that customers can’t say no to medications. That causes them to take advantage of the system where they set their prices.

With these issues being prevalent many have turned to online drugstores. Online drugstores make it possible for you to have low-cost medications shipped right to your door.

How does this help with medicating common eye issues you ask? Well, let’s dive in a little deeper.

Common Eye Issues and How To Treat Them

Allergies can cause itchy, watery, and swollen eyes. This can be triggered by many things such as dust and pollen. The best way to treat allergies is with Benadryl or over the counter eye drops.

Makeup can have a habit of getting into your eyes. Accidentally poking yourself in the eye with eyeliner or mascara can cause issues. This can cause irritation and can be treated with eyedrops.

Orbital cellulitis is an infection that can be caused by bacteria getting into a small cut near the eye. This can only be treated by antibiotic treatment.

Graves’ disease is a thyroid issue. It causes your thyroid to mistakingly attack eye infections that don’t actually exist. It takes thyroid surgery and various medications to be rid of the disease.

Ocular herpes is herpes around and in the eye. It is most common in children. It cannot be cured but it can be treated with antiviral medications.

If your tear duct is blocked you will no longer be able to fully drain tears. In some instances, a blocked tear duct can become infected. If this happens antibiotics may need to be used or, a medical procedure may need to be performed.

Pink eye is the inflammation of the thin tissue that lines the eyeball and eyelid. A doctor may have to prescribe medication if the problem persists.

The common theme in all of these examples is eyes need treatment rather it be with over the counter eye drops or antibiotics.

How Does This Connect To Online Drugstores?

The largest and first important point to make is if you are having an issue with your eyes, chances are you shouldn’t be driving.

Online Drugstores allow the customer to receive medicine at their door.

Drugpricer.com makes it possible for the customer to type in the sort of medication that they need (an example here would be eye drops) and compare prices of online pharmacies from all over.

To test this out, I entered a few different eye drop brands used to treat glaucoma into Drugpricer.com. I ended the venture, fairly surprised.

The first one I entered in was Lumigan (3ml) .03% at an average US retail, it came to a hefty price of $139.93. I found it on Drugpricer for $45.

Alphagan P (15ml) 0.15% comes up to $159.93 at some retailers. On Drugpricer I managed to find it for $64!

Lastly, I looked up Azopt (5ml)1% it came to $159.93 at some US retailers, I found it on Drugpricer for $64!

Low prices are just one of the many pros of using a safe and licensed online drugstore.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

I’ve already mentioned Online drugstores are affordable and have the convenience of being able to order at home. For conditions like swollen, or watery eyes this is a safer option than driving. There are, however, a few more pros.

You can purchase anonymously, so there is no fear of being judged by the stuck-up person in line behind you. For something like eye drops, this is less of an issue than it would be with other medication purchases

There are online resources laid out in front of you. You can sneak a peek, disease reports, drug facts, and more before you make any final purchases. These facts may not be available to you at traditional drugstores.

Not everything is perfect. There are a few cons as well.

  • Hidden Fees: Some online drugstores will tack on additional prices at the end of the order. Make sure the drugstore hasn’t charged you extra for any shipping, ordering, or account fees before you finalize.
  • Fluctuating prices: Prices found on some online drugstores tend to change their prices with little to no notice. Drugpricer always shows the current pricing available.
  • Disreputable actions: There is a possibility of running into a shady store. If the store doesn’t require a prescription, contact information, or just doesn’t have an adequate license, it’s a warning sign to stay away.

Luckily, these types of stores are banned from listing on Drugpricer.

Suffer No Longer

Buying medication at a traditional drugstore can get expensive. This is especially true for medications like eye drops.

Eye drops can run you upward to a $150.00, however, websites such as Drugpricer can help you find cheaper options.

Do not be daunted by large medical bills any longer. You don’t have to suffer from dry, itchy eyes because of medical costs. You don’t have to risk driving to the pharmacy to obtain eyedrops.

When it comes to medical issues that involve your eyes, it’s not safe to put off buying medication or to not treat them at all.

Check out Drugpricer, and start saving, and living safer.