Online Pharmacy Safety 101 is committed to online pharmacy safety. We help our customers find a reputable online pharmacy that can supply them with the medications they need at affordable prices. When you use our service, you will never see an illegitimate pharmacy listed. Each pharmacy listed on is licensed to operate in the country where it is based and has received accreditation from various third-party organizations. Every reputable online pharmacy that is present on our website has also agreed to adhere to strict online pharmacy safety rules.

Online pharmacies whose products you will see here are most often brick-and-mortar drugstores which operate legitimately. A prescription obtained through an in-person consultation with a doctor is required before being able to purchase medications. We do not accept listings from pharmacies that dispense prescription medications without a prescription or who do remote consultations.

Online Pharmacy Safety Fundamentals

  • - Online Pharmacy Safety StandardsThe pharmacy has a valid license issued by the state or province where they are based in.
  • The online pharmacy complies with all state and federal regulations related to dispensing controlled substances.
  • Every prescription is filled by the pharmacy listed and is not outsourced to an outside supplier.
  • The online pharmacy has a licensed pharmacist on staff at all times. The pharmacist supervises the dispensing of drugs in accordance with local and federal regulations.
  • The reputable online pharmacy doesn’t ship drugs purchased over-the-counter in foreign drugstores which would require a current license in the United States.
  • The pharmacy strictly adheres to all laws and regulations, as well as quality standards in the industry.
  • No drugs will be dispensed until a valid prescription has been presented by the customer.
  • The online pharmacy is required to inform if any government agency or regulatory body has taken negative action against them.
  • The pharmacy will ship every order by using a delivery service, such as the USPS, which requires a signature when being delivered.
  • A privacy policy has been devised by the pharmacy and customer information is kept private and not shared with third parties, except when necessary to fulfill an order or to comply with laws and regulations.

The goal of is to help you connect with a reputable licensed online pharmacy so that you can purchase affordable medications without endangering your health. We take online pharmacy safety very seriously and continuously monitor compliance with all of our safety requirements.